Star-forming galaxies as the origin of IceCube neutrinos: Reconciliation with Fermi-LAT gamma rays [HEAP]

Cosmic ray accelerators like supernova and hypernova remnants in star forming galaxies are one of the most plausible sources of the IceCube observed diffuse astrophysical neutrinos. The neutrino producing hadronic processes will also produce a diffuse gamma ray flux, constrained by the Fermi-LAT bounds. The fact that point sources like blazars also contribute to the diffuse gamma ray flux implies large gamma opacity of the neutrino sources. Indeed, for these high redshift star forming galaxies the gamma absorption during the intergalactic propagation can be significant. In addition, large gamma attenuation inside these extreme source galaxies can reduce the cascade component of the diffuse flux. Under the current astrophysical uncertainties affecting these absorptions processes, we find the associated diffuse gamma ray flux can remain compatible with the current Fermi-LAT bounds.

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S. Chakraborty and I. Izaguirre
Wed, 13 Jul 16

Comments: 16 pages, 3 figures