Probing the cosmic ray mass composition in the knee region through TeV secondary particle fluxes from solar surroundings [HEAP]

The possibility of estimating the mass composition of primary cosmic rays above the knee of its energy spectrum through the study of high energy gamma rays, muons and neutrinos produced in the interactions of cosmic rays with the solar ambient matter and radiation has been explored. It is found that the theoretical fluxes of TeV gamma rays, muons and neutrinos from a region around $15^{o}$ of the Sun are sensitive to mass composition of cosmic rays in the PeV energy range. The experimental prospects for detection of such TeV gamma rays/neutrinos by future experiments are discussed.

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P. Banik, B. Bijay, S. Sarkar, et. al.
Thu, 16 Mar 17

Comments: 10 pages, 7 figures, to appear in Physical Review D