Degeneracy in the spectrum and bispectrum among featured inflaton potentials [CEA]

We study the degeneracy of the primordial spectrum and bispectrum of the curvature perturbation in single field inflationary models with a class of features in the inflaton potential. The feature we consider is a discontinuous change in the shape of the potential and is controlled by a couple of parameters that describe the strength of the discontinuity and the change in the potential shape. This feature produces oscillations of the spectrum and bispectrum around the comoving scale $k=k_0$ that exits the horizon when the inflaton passes the discontinuity. We find that the effects on the spectrum and almost all configurations of the bispectrum including the squeezed limit depend on a single quantity which is a function of the two parameters defining the feature. This leads to a degeneracy, i.e. different features of the inflaton potential can produce the same observational effects. However, we find that the degeneracy in the bispectrum is removed at the equilateral limit around $k=k_0$. This can be used to discriminate different models which give the same spectrum.

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A. Cadavid, A. Romano and M. Sasaki
Thu, 16 Mar 17

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