Synthetic streams in a Gravitational Wave inspiral search with a multi-detector network [CL]

Gravitational Wave Inspiral search with a global network of interferometers when carried in a phase coherent fashion would mimic an effective multi-detector network with synthetic streams constructed by the linear combination of the data from different detectors. For the first time, we demonstrate that the two synthetic data streams pertaining to the two polarizations of Gravitational Wave can be derived prior to the maximum-likelihood analysis in a most natural way using the technique of singular-value-decomposition applied to the network signal-to-noise ratio vector. We construct the network matched filters in combined network plus spectral space which capture both the synthetic streams. We further show that the network LLR is then sum of the LLR of each synthetic stream. The four extrinsic parameters are mapped to the two amplitudes and two phases. The maximization over these is a straightforward approach closely linked to the single detector approach. Towards the end, we connect all the previous works related to the multi-detector Gravitational Wave inspiral search and express in the same notation in order to bring under the same footing.

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K. Haris and A. Pai
Tue, 14 Mar 17

Comments: LIGO laboratory document number: LIGO-P1300229