Excitation of turbulence in accretion disks of binary stars by non-linear perturbations [SSA]


Accretion disks in binary systems can experience hydrodynamic impact at inner as well as outer edges. The first case is typical for protoplanetary disks around young T Tau stars. The second one is typical for circumstellar disks in close binaries. As a result of such an impact, perturbations with different scales and amplitudes are excited in the disk. We investigated the nonlinear evolution of perturbations of a finite, but small amplitude, at the background of sub-Keplerian flow. Nonlinear effects at the front of perturbations lead to the formation of a shock wave, namely the discontinuity of the density and radial velocity. At this, the tangential flow in the neighborhood of the shock becomes equivalent to the flow in in the boundary layer. Instability of the tangential flow further leads to turbulization of the disk. Characteristics of the turbulence depend on perturbation parameters, but alpha-parameter of Shakura-Sunyaev does not exceed ~0.1.

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E. Kurbatov and D. Bisikalo
Tue, 14 Mar 17

Comments: Accepted in Astronomy Reports