The jet-disk symbiosis without maximal jets: 1-D hydrodynamical jets revisited [HEAP]

In this work we discuss the recent criticism by Zdziarski of the maximal jet model derived in Falcke & Biermann (1995). We agree with Zdziarski that in general a jet’s internal energy is not bounded by its rest-mass energy density. We describe the effects of the mistake on conclusions that have been made using the maximal jet model and show when a maximal jet is an appropriate assumption. The maximal jet model was used to derive a 1-D hydrodynamical model of jets in agnjet, a model that does multiwavelength fitting of quiescent/hard state X-ray binaries and low-luminosity active galactic nuclei. We correct algebraic mistakes made in the derivation of the 1-D Euler equation and relax the maximal jet assumption. We show that the corrections cause minor differences as long as the jet has a small opening angle and a small terminal Lorentz factor. We find that the major conclusion from the maximal jet model, the jet-disk symbiosis, can be generally applied to astrophysical jets. We also show that isothermal jets are required to match the flat radio spectra seen in low-luminosity X-ray binaries and active galactic nuclei, in agreement with other works.

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P. Crumley, C. Ceccobello, R. Connors, et. al.
Thu, 9 Mar 17

Comments: 7 pages, accepted by A&A