Search for Very High Energy Gamma Rays from the Northern $\textit{Fermi}$ Bubble Region with HAWC [HEAP]

We present a search of very high energy gamma-ray emission from the Northern $\textit{Fermi}$ Bubble region using data collected with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) gamma-ray observatory. The size of the data set is 290 days. No significant excess is observed in the Northern $\textit{Fermi}$ Bubble region, hence upper limits above $1\,\text{TeV}$ are calculated. The upper limits are between $3\times 10^{-7}\,\text{GeV}\, \text{cm}^{-2}\, \text{s}^{-1}\,\text{sr}^{-1}$ and $4\times 10^{-8}\,\text{GeV}\,\text{cm}^{-2}\,\text{s}^{-1}\,\text{sr}^{-1}$. The upper limits disfavor a proton injection spectrum that extends beyond $100\,\text{TeV}$ without being suppressed. They also disfavor a hadronic injection spectrum derived from neutrino measurements.

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A. Abeysekara, A. Albert, R. Alfaro, et. al.
Tue, 7 Mar 17

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