Chirality, extended MHD statistics and solar wind turbulence [CL]

We unite the one-flow-dominated-state (OFDS) argument of \citet{MeyrandGaltierPRL12} with the one-chiral-sector-dominated-state \citep[OCSDS:][]{hydrochirality} one to form a nonlinear extended-magnetohydrodynamics (XMHD) theory for the solar wind turbulence (SWT), both in the Hall MHD regime and in the electron inertial MHD regime \citep[modifying the theory of][]{AbdelhamidLingamMahajanAPJ16}. `Degenerate states’ in \citet{MiloshevichLingamMorrisonNJP17}’s XMHD absolute equilibria are exposed by helical mode decomposition technique, and the `chiroids absolute equilibria’ offer the statistical dynamics basis to replace the linear wave (of infinitesimal or arbitrarily finite amplitudes) arguments of previous theories with OCSDS, suggested here to unite OFDS with careful analyses for the physics of (generalized) helicity and chirality in SWT.

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J. Zhu
Tue, 7 Mar 17

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