Prowess – a software model for the Ooty Wide Field Array [IMA]

One of the scientific objectives of the Ooty Wide Field Array(OWFA) is to observe the redshifted HI emission from z ~ 3.35. Although predictions spell out optimistic outcomes in reasonable integration times, these studies were based purely on analytical assumptions, without accounting for limiting systematics. A software model for OWFA has been developed with a view to understanding the instrument-induced systematics, by describing a complete software model for the instrument. This model has been implemented through a suite of programs, together called Prowess, which has been conceived with a dual role of an emulator as well as observatory data analysis software. The programming philosophy followed in building Prowess enables any user to define an own set of functions and add new functionality. This paper describes a co-ordinate system suitable for OWFA in which the baselines are defined. The foregrounds are simulated from their angular power spectra. The visibilities are then computed from the foregrounds. These visibilities are then used for further processing, such as calibration and power spectrum estimation. The package allows for rich visualisation features in multiple output formats in an interactive fashion, giving the user an intuitive feel for the data. Prowess has been extensively used for numerical predictions of the foregrounds for the OWFA HI experiment.

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V. Marthi
Fri, 3 Mar 17

Comments: To appear in the Special Section of the JAA on the Ooty Wide Field Array