A frequency-domain implementation of the particle-without-particle approach to EMRIs [CL]


The gravitational waves emitted by binary systems with extreme mass ratios carry unique astrophysical information expected to be probed by the next generation of gravitational wave detectors such as LISA. The detection of these binaries rely on an accurate modeling of the gravitational self-force that drives their orbital evolution. Although the theoretical formalism to compute the self-force has been largely established, the mathematical tools needed to implement it are still under development, and the self-force computation remains an open problem. We present here a frequency-domain implementation of the particle-without-particle (PwP) technique previously developed for the computation of the scalar self-force — a helpful testbed for the gravitational self-force.

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M. Oltean, C. Sopuerta and A. Spallicci
Fri, 3 Mar 17

Comments: 2 pages, to appear in the proceedings of the 11th International LISA Symposium (Zurich, 5-9 September 2016), in Journal of Physics: Conference Series