$\texttt{galkin}$: a new compilation of the Milky Way rotation curve data [GA]


We present $\texttt{galkin}$, a novel compilation of kinematic measurements tracing the rotation curve of our Galaxy, together with a tool to treat the data. The compilation is optimised to Galactocentric radii between 3 and 20 kpc and includes the kinematics of gas, stars and masers in a total of 2780 measurements carefully collected from almost four decades of literature. A simple, user-friendly tool is provided to select, treat and retrieve the data of all source references considered. This tool is especially designed to facilitate the use of kinematic data in dynamical studies of the Milky Way with various applications ranging from dark matter constraints to tests of modified gravity.

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M. Pato and F. Iocco
Thu, 2 Mar 17

Comments: Description of out-of-the-box public tool to treat data compilation first used in Nature Physics 11, 245-248 (2015). Please cite SoftwareX and Nature Physics papers together. Refer to this https URL for source code and additional information