Search for relativistic magnetic monopoles with five years of the ANTARES detector data [HEAP]

A search for magnetic monopoles using five years of data recorded with the ANTARES neutrino telescope from January 2008 to December 2012 with a total live time of 1121 days is presented. The analysis is carried out in the range $\beta$ $>$ $0.6$ of magnetic monopole velocities using a strategy based on run-by-run Monte Carlo simulations. No signal above the background expectation from atmospheric muons and atmospheric neutrinos is observed, and upper limits are set on the magnetic monopole flux ranging from $5.7 \times 10^{-16}$ to $1.5 \times 10^{-18}$ cm$^{-2} \cdot $ s$^{-1} \cdot $ sr$^{-1}$.

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A. Albert, M. Andre, M. Anghinolfi, et. al.
Thu, 2 Mar 17

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