Low-metallicity (sub-SMC) massive stars [SSA]


The double distance and metallicity frontier marked by the SMC has been finally broken with the aid of powerful multi-object spectrographs installed at 8-10m class telescopes. VLT, GTC and Keck have enabled studies of massive stars in dwarf irregular galaxies of the Local Group with poorer metal content than the SMC. The community is working to test the predictions of evolutionary models in the low-metallicity regime, set the new standard for the metal-poor high-redshift Universe, and test the extrapolation of the physics of massive stars to environments of decreasing metallicity. In this paper, we review current knowledge on this topic.

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M. Garcia, A. Herrero, F. Najarro, et. al.
Thu, 2 Mar 17

Comments: To appear in “The lives and death-throes of massive stars”. Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 329, 2016