Excess entropy and energy feedback from within cluster cores up to r$_{200}$ [CEA]


[Abridged for arXiv] We estimate the non-gravitational entropy injection profiles, $\Delta K(m_g)$, and resulting non-gravitational energy feedback profiles, $\Delta E(m_g)$, of the intracluster medium for a sample of 17 clusters using the joint data sets of Planck SZ and ROSAT X-Ray observations, spanning a large radial range from $0.2r_{500}$ up to $r_{200}$. We include non-thermal pressure and clumping in our analysis since they become important at larger radii. The inclusion of non-thermal pressure and clumping results in changing the estimates for $r_{500}$ and $r_{200}$ by 10\%-20\%. We show that neglect of clumping leads to an under-estimation of $\Delta K\approx 300$ keV cm$^2$ at $r_{500}$ and $\Delta K\approx 1100$ keV cm$^2$ at $r_{200}$. On the other hand, neglecting non-thermal pressure results in the over-estimation of $\Delta K\approx 100$ keV cm$^2$ at $r_{500}$ and under-estimation of $\Delta K\approx 450$ keV cm$^2$ at $r_{200}$. Combining both in our analysis, we conclusively show that for the sample as a whole, an entropy floor of $\Delta K\gtrsim 300$ is ruled out at $\approx 3\sigma$ throughout the entire radial range and hence strongly constraining all ICM pre-heating scenarios. For the estimated feedback energy profiles, we find that the neglect of clumping leads to an under-estimation of energy per particle $\Delta E\approx1$ keV at $r_{500}$ and $\Delta E\approx1.5$ keV at $r_{200}$. Similarly, neglect of the non-thermal pressure results in an over-estimation of $\Delta E\approx0.5$ keV at $r_{500}$ and under-estimation of $\Delta E\approx0.25$ keV at $r_{200}$. We find that the average feedback energy per particle of $\Delta E\approx1$ keV is also ruled out at more than 3$\sigma$ beyond $r_{500}$. We also demonstrate the robustness of our results w.r.t sample selection, X-Ray analysis procedures, non-radiative entropy modeling.

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A. Iqbal, S. Majumdar, B. Nath, et. al.
Thu, 2 Mar 17

Comments: 17 pages, 15 figures, 5 table, Submitted to MNRAS, Comments welcome