Inflaton Condensate Fragmentation: Analytical Conditions and Application to $α$-Attractor Models [CEA]

We study the stability of an inflaton condensate in the presence of an attractive inflaton self-interaction, in order to determine analytical conditions on the self-interaction couplings under which the condensate undergoes fragmentation. As an application of our results, we consider the stability of the inflaton condensate in E-model and T-model $\alpha$-attractor inflation. We show that the stability of the condensate depends upon the value of $\alpha$. For the E-model with $q = 1$, the condensate is unstable for $\alpha \lesssim 0.16$, while for the T-model with $q = 1$ it is unstable for $\alpha \lesssim 10^{-4}$. In these cases it is expected that inflation will be followed by an oscillon-dominated era.

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J. Kim and J. McDonald
Wed, 1 Mar 17

Comments: 4 pages