First Data Release of the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program [IMA]

The Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program (HSC-SSP) is a three-layered imaging survey aimed at addressing some of the most outstanding questions in astronomy today, including the nature of dark matter and dark energy. The survey has been awarded 300 nights of observing time at the Subaru Telescope. The survey started in March 2014. This paper presents the first public data release of HSC-SSP. This release includes data taken in the first 1.7 years of observations (61.5 nights) and each of the Wide, Deep, and UltraDeep layers covers about 108, 26, and 4 square degrees down to depths of i~26.4, ~26.5, and ~27.2 mag, respectively (5 sigma for point sources). All the layers are observed in five broad-bands (grizy) and the Deep and UltraDeep layers are observed in narrow-bands as well. We achieve an impressive image quality of 0.6 arcsec in the i-band in the Wide layer. We show that we achieve 1-2 per cent PSF photometry (rms) both internally and externally (against Pan-STARRS1), and ~10 mas and ~40 mas internal and external astrometric accuracy, respectively. Both the calibrated images and catalogs are made available to the community through dedicated user interfaces and database servers. In addition to the pipeline products, we also provide value-added products such as photometric redshifts and a collection of public spectroscopic redshifts. Detailed descriptions of all the data can be found online. The data release website is

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H. Aihara, R. Armstrong, S. Bickerton, et. al.
Wed, 1 Mar 17

Comments: 33 pages, 19 figures. Draft paper to be submitted to PASJ special issue in a month. Data available at this https URL