Memory in de Sitter space and BMS-like supertranslations [CL]

It is well known that the memory effect in flat spacetime is parametrized by the BMS supertranslation. We investigate the relation between the memory effect and diffeomorphism in de Sitter spacetime. We find that gravitational memory is parametrized by a BMS-like supertranslation in the static patch of de Sitter spacetime. While we do not find a diffeomorphism that corresponds to gravitational memory in the Poincare/cosmological patch, we show that we can perform a boost to bring the null related events within the static patch and apply our results. Our method does not need to assume the separation between the source and the detector to be small compared with the Hubble radius, and can potentially be applicable to other FLRW universes, as well as “ordinary memory” mediated by massive messenger particles.

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Y. Hamada, M. Seo and G. Shiu
Tue, 28 Feb 17

Comments: 21 pages, 3 figures