Constraints on the flux of $\sim (10^{16} – 10^{17.5})$ eV cosmic photons from the EAS-MSU muon data [HEAP]

Results of the search for $\sim (10^{16} – 10^{17.5})$ eV primary cosmic-ray photons with the data of the Moscow State University (MSU) Extensive Air Shower (EAS) array are reported. The full-scale reanalysis of the data with modern simulations of the installation does not confirm previous indications of the excess of gamma-ray candidate events. Upper limits on the corresponding gamma-ray flux are presented. The limits are the most stringent published ones at energies $\sim 10^{17}$ eV.

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Y. Fomin, N. Kalmykov, I. Karpikov, et. al.
Tue, 28 Feb 17

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