Constraining f(T) teleparallel gravity by Big Bang Nucleosynthesis [CEA]

We use BBN observational data on primordial abundance of ${}^4He$ to constrain f(T) gravity. The three most studied viable $f(T)$ models, namely the power law, the exponential and the square-root exponential are considered, and the BBN bounds are adopted in order to extract constraints on their free parameters. For the power-law model, we find that the constraints are in agreement with those acquired using late-time cosmological data. For the exponential and the square-root exponential models, we show that for realiable regions of parameters space they always satisfy the BBN bounds. We conclude that viable f(T) models can successfully satisfy the BBN constraints.

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S. Capozziello, G. Lambiase and E. Saridakis
Tue, 28 Feb 17

Comments: 10 pages, 1 figure