The Relation Between Fundamental Constants and Particle Physics Parameters [CEA]

The observed constraints on the variability of the proton to electron mass ratio $\mu$ and the fine structure constant $\alpha$ are used to establish constraints on the variability of the Quantum Chromodynamic Scale and a combination of the Higgs Vacuum Expectation Value and the Yukawa couplings. Further model dependent assumptions provide constraints on the Higgs VEV and the Yukawa couplings separately. A primary conclusion is that limits on the variability of dimensionless fundamental constants such as $\mu$ and $\alpha$ provide important constraints on the parameter space of new physics and cosmologies.

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R. Thompson
Mon, 27 Feb 17

Comments: Published in the proceedings of the Conference on Varying Constants and Fundamental Cosmology VARCOSMOFUN16. Modified from the Universe style to process properly in arXiv