A Jansky VLA Survey of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable Stars: I. The Data [SSA]


The Jansky Very Large Array was used to observe 121 magnetic cataclysmic variables (MCVs). We report radio detections of 19 stars. Fourteen are new radio sources, increasing the number of MCVs that are radio sources by more than twofold, from 8 to 22. Most detections are at 8.7 GHz (X-band) with a lesser number at 5.4 and 21.1 GHz (C- and K-bands). Most flux density limits are in the range of 47-470 uJy. With the exception of AE Aqr, the maximum flux detected is 818 uJy. Fourteen of the detections show approximately 100% circularly polarized emission, which is characteristic of electron-cyclotron maser emission. The data suggest that MCVs might be divided into two classes of radio emitters: those dominated by weakly polarized gyro-synchrotron emission and those by highly polarized electron-cyclotron maser emission.

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P. Barrett, C. Dieck, A. Beasley, et. al.
Mon, 27 Feb 17

Comments: 22 pages, 4 tables, 1 figure