Extragalactic Supergiants [SSA]


Blue supergiant stars of B and A spectral types are amongst the visually brightest non-transient astronomical objects. Their intrinsic brightness makes it possible to obtain high quality optical spectra of these objects in distant galaxies, enabling the study not only of these stars in different environments, but also to use them as tools to probe their host galaxies. Quantitative analysis of their optical spectra provide tight constraints on their evolution in a wide range of metallicities, as well as on the present-day chemical composition, extinction laws and distances to their host galaxies. We review in this contribution recent results in this field.

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M. Urbaneja and R. Kudritzki
Thu, 23 Feb 17

Comments: To appear in the proceedings of the IAUS 329, The Lives and Death-throes of Massive Stars, ed. J. J. Eldridge