The importance of being stable: the role of stability conditions in single field Quintessence [CEA]

We investigate the impact of general conditions of theoretical stability and cosmological viability on dynamical dark energy models. As a powerful example, we study whether minimally coupled, single field Quintessence models that are safe from ghost instabilities, can source the CPL expansion history recently shown to be mildly favored by a combination of CMB (Planck) and Weak Lensing (KiDS) data. Interestingly we find that in their most conservative form, the theoretical conditions impact the analysis in such a way that smooth single field Quintessence becomes significantly disfavored with respect to the standard $\Lambda$CDM cosmological model. This is due to the fact that these conditions cut a significant portion of the $(w_0,w_a)$ parameter space for CPL, in particular eliminating the region that would be favored by weak lensing data. Within the scenario of a smooth dynamical dark energy parametrized with CPL, weak lensing data favors a region that would require multiple fields to ensure gravitational stability.

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S. Peirone, M. Martinelli, M. Raveri, et. al.
Wed, 22 Feb 17

Comments: 7 pages, 4 figures