X-ray emission from thin plasmas. Collisional ionization for atoms and ions of H to Zn [HEAP]


Every observation of astrophysical objects involving a spectrum requires atomic data for the interpretation of line fluxes, line ratios and ionization state of the emitting plasma. One of the processes which determines it is collisional ionization. In this study an update of the direct ionization (DI) and excitation-autoionization (EA) processes is discussed for the H to Zn-like isoelectronic sequences. In the last years new laboratory measurements and theoretical calculations of ionization cross sections have become available. We provide an extension and update of previous published reviews in the literature. We include the most recent experimental measurements and fit the cross sections of all individual shells of all ions from H to Zn. These data are described using an extension of Younger’s and Mewe’s formula, suitable for integration over a Maxwellian velocity distribution to derive the subshell ionization rate coefficients. These ionization rate coefficients are incorporated in the high-resolution plasma code and spectral fitting tool SPEX V3.0.

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I. Urdampilleta, J. Kaastra and M. Mehdipour
Tue, 21 Feb 17

Comments: Accepted for publication in A&A, 22 pages, 18 figures