Anisotropic fluid spheres of embedding class one using Karmarkar condition [CL]

We obtain a new anisotropic solution for spherically symmetric spacetimes by analysing of the Karmarkar embedding condition. For this purpose we construct a suitable form of one of the gravitational potentials to obtain a closed form solution. This form of the remaining gravitational potential allows us to solve the embedding equation and integrate the field equations. The resulting new anisotropic solution is well behaved which can be utilized to construct realistic static fluid spheres. Also we estimated masses and radii of fluid spheres for LMC X-4 and EXO 1785-248 by using observational data sets values. The obtained masses and radii show that our anisotropic solution can represent fluid spheres to a very good degree of accuracy.

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S. Maurya and S. Maharaj
Wed, 15 Feb 17

Comments: 16 pages, 11 figures