Spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon cross section limits from first data of PandaX-II experiment [CL]


We report new constrains on the spin-dependent WIMP-neutron and WIMP-proton cross sections using recently released data from the PandaX-II experiment, a dual phase liquid xenon dark matter experiment at the China JinPing Underground Laboratory, with a total exposure of 3.3$\times10^4$ kg-day. Assuming a standard axial-vector spin-dependent WIMP interaction with $^{129}$Xe and $^{131}$Xe nuclei, the most stringent upper limits on WIMP-neutron cross sections for WIMPs with masses above 10 GeV/c$^{2}$ are set in all direct detection experiments, with a minimum upper limit of $4.1\times 10^{-41}$ cm$^2$ at 90\% confidence level for a WIMP mass of 40 GeV/c$^{2}$, representing more than a factor of two improvement on the best available limits at high masses.

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C. Fu, X. Cui, X. Zhou, et. al.
Thu, 24 Nov 16

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