A parametric reconstruction of the deceleration parameter [CL]


The present work is based on a parametric reconstruction of the deceleration parameter $q(z)$ in a model for the spatially flat FRW universe filled with dark energy and non- relativistic matter. We have proposed a divergence-free logarithmic parametrization of $q(z)$ to probe the entire evolution history of the universe. Using the SN Ia and Hubble parameter datasets, the constraints on the arbitrary model parameters $q_{0}$ and $q_{1}$ are obtained (within $1\sigma$ and $2\sigma$ confidence limits) by $\chi^{2}$-minimization technique. We have then reconstructed the deceleration parameter, the total EoS parameter $\omega_{tot}$, the jerk parameter and have compared the reconstructed results with the spatially flat $\Lambda$CDM model. It has been found that the behavior of $q(z)$ and $\omega_{tot}$ in our model are very similar (within $1\sigma$ confidence limit) to that of the $\Lambda$CDM model if we consider Type Ia Supernova (SN Ia) dataset only, but the evolutions of $q(z)$ and $\omega_{tot}$ are different as compare to the $\Lambda$CDM model if we add Hubble parameter dataset with the SN Ia dataset. Interestingly, we have found that the present values of $q(z)$ and $\omega_{tot}$ within $1\sigma$ errors for SN Ia+Hubble dataset are in good agreement with the $\Lambda$CDM model. The best-fit model is also found to be in good agreement with the observational Hubble data and the supernova distance modulus data against redshift parameter.

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A. Mamon and S. Das
Tue, 25 Oct 16

Comments: 15 pages, 6 figures