Microscopic potential model analysis of the radiative $(n,γ)$ cross sections near the $Z=50$ shell closure taking part in the main s-component [CL]


The neutron capture cross sections have been studied near the $Z=50$ closed shell for a number of nuclei those take part in heavy element nucleosynthesis, the slow and the rapid neutron capture processes and the proton capture process. An optical model potential is constructed in theoretical approach by folding the density dependent M3y purely real nucleon-nucleon interaction with the target radial matter density in relativistic mean field (RMF) approach. The standard code TALYS1.8 is used for cross-section calculation. We have presented the Maxwellian-averaged capture cross-section (MACS) values and stellar neutron capture reaction rates at astrophysically relevant thermal energies and temperatures.

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S. Dutta, G. Gangoapdhyay and A. Bhattacharyya
Tue, 11 Oct 16

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