Molecular Shocks and the Gamma-ray Clouds of the W28 Supernova Remnant [HEAP]

Interstellar medium clouds in the W28 region are emitting gamma-rays and it is likely that the W28 supernova remnant is responsible, making W28 a prime candidate for the study of cosmic-ray acceleration and diffusion. Understanding the influence of both supernova remnant shocks and cosmic rays on local molecular clouds can help to identify multi-wavelength signatures of probable cosmic-ray sources. To this goal, transitions of OH, SiO, NH3, HCO+ and CS have complemented CO in allowing a characterization of the chemically rich environment surrounding W28. This remnant has been an ideal test-bed for techniques that will complement arcminute-scale studies of cosmic-ray source candidates with future GeV-PeV gamma-ray observations.

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N. Maxted, G. Rowell, P. Wilt, et. al.
Wed, 5 Oct 16

Comments: 6 pages, 3 figures, submitted to the American Institute of Physics Conference Series