The Galaxy Cluster Merger Catalog: An Online Repository of Mock Observations from Simulated Galaxy Cluster Mergers [CEA]

We present the first release of the “Galaxy Cluster Merger Catalog”. This catalog provides an extensive suite of mock observations and related data for N-body and hydrodynamical simulations of galaxy cluster mergers. These mock observations consist of projections of a number of important observable quantities in several different wavebands, for the entire evolution of each simulation as well as along different lines of sight through the three-dimensional simulation domain. The web interface to the catalog consists of easily browseable images over epoch and projection direction, as well as download links for the raw data and a JS9 interface for interactive data exploration. All of the data products are provided in the standard FITS file format, in image and table form. Data is being stored on the yt Hub (this http URL), which allows for remote access and analysis using a Jupyter notebook server. Future versions of the catalog will include simulations from a number of research groups and a variety of research topics related to the study of interactions of galaxy clusters with each other and with their member galaxies. The catalog is located at this http URL

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J. ZuHone and K. Kowalik
Thu, 15 Sep 16

Comments: 9 pages, 4 figures, submitted to ApJS; data at this http URL