Uniform Contribution of Supernova Explosions to the Chemical Enrichment of Abell 3112 out to R200 [HEAP]


The spatial distribution of the metals residing in the intra-cluster medium (ICM) of galaxy clusters records all the information on a cluster’s nucleosynthesis and chemical enrichment history. We present measurements from deep Suzaku and Chandra observations of the cool-core galaxy cluster Abell 3112 out its virial radius (~1470 kpc). We find that the ratio of the observed supernova type Ia explosions to the total supernova explosions have a uniform distribution at a level of 12-16% out to the cluster’s virial radius. The non-varying supernova enrichment suggests that the ICM was enriched by metals at an early stage before the cluster itself was formed. We also find that the 2D delayed detonations models CDDT produce significantly worse fits to the X-ray spectra compared to simple 1D W7 models. This may indicate that CDDT explosions are not a dominant process of enriching the ICM.

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C. Ezer, E. Bulbul, E. Ercan, et. al.
Wed, 14 Sep 16

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