A Multi-Line Ammonia Survey of the Galactic Center Region with the Tsukuba 32-m Telescope – I. Observations and Data [GA]


We present survey data of the NH3 (J, K) = (1, 1)–(6, 6) lines, simultaneously observed with the Tsukuba 32-m telescope, in the main part of the central molecular zone of the Galaxy. The total number of on-source positions was 2655. The lowest three transitions were detected with S/N > 3 at 2323 positions (93% of all the on-source positions). Among 2323, the S/N of (J, K ) = (4, 4), (5, 5), and (6, 6) exceeded 3.0 at 1426 (54%), 1150 (43%), and 1359 (51%) positions, respectively. Simultaneous observations of the lines enabled us to accurately derive intensity ratios with less systematic errors. Boltzmann plots indicate there are two temperature components: cold ($\sim$ 20 K) and warm ($\sim$ 100 K). Typical intensity ratios of Tmb(2,2)/Tmb(1,1), Tmb(4,4)/Tmb(2,2), Tmb(5,5)/Tmb(4,4), and Tmb(6,6)/Tmb(3,3) were 0.71, 0.45, 0.65, and 0.17, respectively. These line ratios correspond to diversity of rotational temperature, which results from mixing of the two temperature components.

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H. Arai, M. Nagai, S. Fujita, et. al.
Thu, 1 Sep 16

Comments: 19 pages, 11 figures