Fast 3C 279 gamma flares by a merging medium size black hole jet aligned to the AGN one by tidal torque? [HEAP]

The shorter-than-Schwarzschild 3C 279 variability flare on June 2015 is very puzzling. Its nature cannot naturally be due to a NS merging nor to a medium sized (a hundred solar masses) BH collapse onto the AGN. Our preliminary model is based on the long-life (nearly a year) merging of a medium size BH spiralling toward the largest AGN one, that is dragging by tidal torques the medium size BH jet along the same 3C 279 one, aligning both jets toward Earth. The twin overlapping blazars may offer at once a long and a short scale variability consistent with the surprising Fermi discover.

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D. Fargion and P. Oliva
Wed, 31 Aug 16

Comments: 7 pages, 1 figure, PoS