The bending of the proton plus helium flux in primary cosmic rays measured by the ARGO-YBJ experiment in the energy range from 20 TeV to 5 PeV [CL]

The measurement of proton plus helium and all-particle energy spectra in the range $20\,$ TeV to $5 \,$PeV and $80 \,$TeV to $5 \,$PeV respectively are presented. Data taken by the ARGO-YBJ detector in the 2010 year have been analyzed. The ARGO-YBJ experiment (Tibet, P. R. China) has been taking data for more than five years by means of a full-coverage array of RPC detectors. The discrimination between showers produced by light and heavy primaries has been performed by looking at the lateral particle density close to the core region. A Bayesian unfolding technique was therefore applied to the measured quantities in order to evaluate the cosmic ray energy spectrum. The proton plus helium spectrum clearly shows a bending at about $1 \,$PeV, while the all-particle spectrum is consistent with previous observations.

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P. Montini and S. Mari
Fri, 5 Aug 16

Comments: 20 Pages, 8 Figures