The Fundamental Plane of Black Hole Activity Represented in Terms of Dimensionless Beam Power and Bolometric Luminosity [GA]

The fundamental plane of black hole activity indicates a relationship between compact radio emission, X-ray luminosity, and black hole mass of black hole systems. The compact radio source is likely a tracer of jet power and the X-ray luminosity is likely a tracer of the bolometric luminosity of an accretion disk. To study the relationship between beam power, $L_j$, accretion disk bolometric luminosity, $L_{bol}$, and black hole mass or Eddington luminosity, $L_{EDD}$, for sources with various tracers of beam power and disk luminosity, it is shown that fundamental plane parameters allow the plane to be recast in the form $\rm{log} (L_j/L_{EDD}) = A ~\rm{log}(L_{bol}/L_{EDD}) +B$, where $A$ can be expressed in terms of best fit fundamental plane parameters. Consistent values of $A$ are obtained for nine samples of sources. Samples of LINERS, AGN, and GBH that lie on the fundamental plane are converted to dimensionless luminosities and studied, and a sample of powerful radio sources is included. The different categories of sources follow a similar relationship between dimensionless luminosities, and between the ratio $(L_j/L_{bol})$ and $L_{bol}/L_{Edd}$. Values of $L_{bol}/L_{Edd}$, $L_j/L_{Edd}$, and $(L_j/L_{bol})$ range from about $(10^{-10} – 1)$, $(10^{-5.5} – 1)$, and $(10^{-2} – 10^5)$, respectively.

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R. Daly, D. Stout and J. Mysliwiec
Tue, 7 Jun 16

Comments: Comments welcome. 5 pages; 1 table; 4 figures