Numerical simulations of the jetted tidal disruption event Swift J1644+57 [HEAP]

In this work we focus on the technical details of the numerical simulations of the non- thermal transient Swift J1644+57, whose emission is probably produced by a two-component jet powered by a tidal disruption event. In this context we provide details of the coupling between the relativistic hydrodynamic simulations and the radiative transfer code. First, we consider the technical demands of one-dimensional simulations of a fast relativistic jet, and show to what extent (for the same physical parameters of the model) do the computed light curves depend on the numerical parameters of the different codes employed. In the second part we explain the difficulties of computing light curves from axisymmetric two dimensonal simulations and discuss a procedure that yields an acceptable tradeoff between the computational cost and the quality of the results.

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P. Mimica, M. Aloy, D. Giannios, et. al.
Mon, 21 Mar 16

Comments: Proceedings of “Tenth Annual International Conference on Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2015)”, held between June 8th and 12th, 2015 in Avignon, France. To be published in Journal of Physics Conf. Ser