"Unusual Rainbow and White Rainbow" A new auroral candidate in oriental historical sources [SSA]


Solar activity has been recorded as auroras or sunspots in various historical sources. These records are of much importance for investigating both long-term solar activities and extremely intense solar flares. In previous studies, they were recorded as “vapor,” “cloud,” or “light,” especially in oriental historical sources; however, the terminology was not discussed adequately and is still quite vague. In this paper, we suggest the possibility of “unusual rainbow” and “white rainbow” as candidates of historical auroras in oriental historical sources and examine if it is probable. This discovery will help us to make more comprehensive historical auroral catalogues and require us to add these terms to auroral candidates in oriental historical sources.

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H. Hayakawa, H. Isobe, A. Kawamura, et. al.
Wed, 9 Mar 16

Comments: Accepted by Publ. Astron. Soc. Japan