Outer Arm in the Second Galactic Quadrant: Structure [GA]


The lack of arm tracers, especially the remote tracers, is one of the most difficult problems that prevent us studying the Milky Way structure. Fortunately, with its high sensitivity CO survey, the Milky Way Imaging Scroll Painting (MWISP) project offers such an opportunity. As the project has completed about one third of its plan, the area of l=[100,150] deg, b=[-3,5] deg has been nearly covered. And the Outer arm of the Milky Way first clearly revealed its shape in the second galactic quadrant with the form of molecular gas — this is the first time that the Outer arm is reported in such the large scale mapping of molecular gas. Using the 115 GHz 12CO(1-0) data of MWISP in the LSR velocity ~= [-100,-60] km s^-1 and in the area mentioned above, we have detected 481 molecular clouds in total, among them 332 (about 69\%) are newly detected, and 457 probably belong to the Outer arm. The total mass of the detected Outer arm clouds is ~ 3.1*10^6 M_sun. Assuming the spiral arm is logarithmic spiral, the pitch angle is fitted as ~ 13.1 deg. Besides, combining both the CO data from MWISP and the 21-cm HI data from CGPS, the gas distribution, warp and thickness of the Outer arm are also studied.

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X. Du, Y. Xu, J. Yang, et. al.
Mon, 29 Feb 16

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