The many faces of blazar emission in the context of hadronic models [HEAP]

We present two ways of modeling the spectral energy distribution of blazars in the hadronic context and discuss the predictions of each “hadronic variant” on the spectral shape, the multi-wavelength variability, the cosmic-ray flux, and the high-energy neutrino emission. Focusing on the latter, we then present an application of the hadronic model to individual BL Lacs that were recently suggested to be the counterparts of some of the IceCube neutrinos, and conclude by discussing the contribution of the whole BL Lac class to the observed neutrino background.

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M. Petropoulou, S. Dimitrakoudis, P. Padovani, et. al.
Mon, 25 Jan 16

Comments: 7 pages, to appear in the proceedings of the Marcel Grossmann meeting (MG14)