Temporal features of LS I +61$^{\circ}$303 in hard X-rays from the Swift/BAT survey data [HEAP]


We study the long-term spectral and timing behaviour of LS I +61$^{\circ}$303 in hard X-rays (15–150 keV) using $\sim$10 years of survey data from the $Swift$ Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) monitor. We focus on the detection of long periodicities known to be present in this source in multiple wavelengths. We clearly detect three periods: the shorter one at 26.48 days is compatible with the orbital period of the system; the second, longer, periodicity at 26.93 days, is detected for the first time in X-rays and its value is consistent with an analogous temporal feature recently detected in the radio and in the gamma-ray waveband, and we associate it with a modulation caused by a precessing jet in this system. Finally, we find also evidence of the long-term periodicity at $\sim$1667 d, that results compatible with a beat frequency of the two close, and shorter, periodicities. We discuss our results in the context of the multi-band behaviour of the physical processes of this source.

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A. DAi, G. Cusumano, V. Parola, et. al.
Thu, 14 Jan 16

Comments: 5 pages, 8 figures. Published in MNRAS