Closed-form solutions of the Wheeler-DeWitt equation in a scalar-vector field cosmological model by Lie symmetries [CL]

We apply as selection rule to determine the unknown functions of a cosmological model the existence of Lie point symmetries for the Wheeler-DeWitt equation of quantum gravity. Our cosmological setting consists of a flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric having the scale factor $a(t)$, a scalar field with potential function $V(\phi)$ minimally coupled to gravity and a vector field of its kinetic energy is coupled with the scalar field by a coupling function $f(\phi)$. Then, the Lie symmetries of this dynamical system are investigated by utilizing the behavior of the corresponding minisuperspace under the infinitesimal generator of the desired symmetries. It is shown that by applying the Lie symmetry condition the form of the coupling function and also the scalar field potential function may be explicitly determined so that we are able to solve the Wheeler-DeWitt equation. Finally, we show how we can use the Lie symmetries in order to construct conservation laws and exact solutions for the field equations.

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A. Paliathanasis and B. Vakili
Fri, 18 Dec 15

Comments: 14 pages, 2 figures; to appear in Gen. Rel. Grav