Computational Imaging for VLBI Image Reconstruction [IMA]

Very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) is a technique for imaging celestial radio emissions by simultaneously observing a source from telescopes distributed across Earth. The challenges in reconstructing images from fine angular resolution VLBI data are immense. The data is extremely sparse and noisy, thus requiring statistical image models such as those designed in the computer vision community. In this paper we present a novel Bayesian approach for VLBI image reconstruction. While other methods require careful tuning and parameter selection for different types of images, our method is robust and produces good results under different settings such as low SNR or extended emissions. The success of our method is demonstrated on realistic synthetic experiments as well as publicly available real data. We present this problem in a way that is accessible to members of the computer vision community, and provide a dataset website ( to allow for controlled comparisons across algorithms. This dataset can foster development of new methods by making VLBI easily approachable to computer vision researchers.

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K. Bouman, M. Johnson, D. Zoran, et. al.
Mon, 7 Dec 15

Comments: 10 pages, project website: this http URL