Comparing the escape dynamics in tidally limited star cluster models [GA]

The aim of this work is to compare the orbital dynamics in three different models describing the properties of a star cluster rotating around its parent galaxy in a circular orbit. In particular, we use the isochrone and the Hernquist potentials to model the spherically symmetric star cluster and we compare our results with the corresponding ones of a previous work in which the Plummer model was applied for the same purpose. Our analysis takes place both in the configuration $(x,y)$ and in the phase $(x,\dot{x})$ space in order to elucidate the escape process as well as the overall orbital properties of the tidally limited star cluster. We restrict our investigation into two dimensions and we conduct a thorough numerical analysis distinguishing between ordered and chaotic orbits as well as between trapped and escaping orbits, considering only unbounded motion for several energy levels above the critical escape energy. It is of particular interest to determine the escape basins towards the two exit channels (near the Lagrangian points $L_1$ and $L_2$) and relate them with the corresponding escape times of the orbits.

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E. Zotos
Mon, 24 Aug 15

Comments: Published in MNRAS journal. arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1411.4864, arXiv:1505.03968, arXiv:1505.03847