A One-Dimensional Model for Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Supernova Remnants [HEAP]


This study presents a method for approximating the multidimensional effects of Rayleigh-Taylor instability as a modification of the one-dimensional hydro equations. This modification is similar to the Shakura-Sunyaev {\alpha} prescription for modeling the coarse-grained effects of turbulence in astrophysical disks. The model introduces several dimensionless tunable parameters that are calibrated by comparing with high-resolution two-dimensional axisymmetric numerical calculations of Rayleigh-Taylor unstable flows. A complete description of the model is presented, along with a handful of test problems that demonstrate the extent to which the one-dimensional model is able to reproduce multidimensional effects.

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P. Duffell
Fri, 10 Apr 15

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