Quantum path integral molecular dynamics simulations on transport properties of dense liquid helium [EPA]


Transport properties of dense liquid helium under the conditions of planet’s core and cool atmosphere of white dwarfs have been investigated by using the improved centroid path-integral simulations combined with density functional theory. The self-diffusion is largely higher and the shear viscosity is notably lower predicted with the quantum mechanical description of the nuclear motion compared with the description by Newton equation. The results show that nuclear quantum effects (NQEs), which depends on the temperature and density of the matter via the thermal de Broglie wavelength and the ionization of electrons, are essential for the transport properties of dense liquid helium at certain astrophysical conditions. The Stokes-Einstein relation between diffusion and viscosity in strongly coupled regime is also examined to display the influences of NQEs.

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D. Kang, J. Dai, H. Sun, et. al.
Tue, 17 Feb 15

Comments: 6 figures