Sub-pixel resolution with color X-ray camera SLcam(R) [CL]

The color X-ray camera SLcam(R) is a full-field, single photon detector providing scanning free, energy and spatially resolved X-ray imaging. Spatial resolution is achieved with the use of polycapillary optics guiding X-ray photons from small regions on a sample to distinct energy dispersive pixels on a CCD. Applying sub-pixel resolution, signals from individual capillary channels can be distinguished. Accordingly the SLcam(R) spatial resolution can be released from pixel size being confined rather to a diameter of individual polycapillary channels. In this work a new approach to sub-pixel resolution algorithm comprising photon events also from the pixel centers is proposed. The details of the employed numerical method and several sub-pixel resolution examples are presented and discussed.

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S. Nowak, A. Bjeoumikhov, J. Borany, et. al.
Wed, 28 Jan 15

Comments: 8 pages, 7 figures