High-level numerical simulations of noise in CCD and CMOS photosensors: review and tutorial [IMA]


In many applications, such as development and testing of image processing algorithms, it is often necessary to simulate images containing realistic noise from solid-state photosensors. A high-level model of CCD and CMOS photosensors based on a literature review is formulated in this paper. The model includes photo-response non-uniformity, photon shot noise, dark current Fixed Pattern Noise, dark current shot noise, offset Fixed Pattern Noise, source follower noise, sense node reset noise, and quantisation noise. The model also includes voltage-to-voltage, voltage-to-electrons, and analogue-to-digital converter non-linearities. The formulated model can be used to create synthetic images for testing and validation of image processing algorithms in the presence of realistic images noise. An example of the simulated CMOS photosensor and a comparison with a custom-made CMOS hardware sensor is presented. Procedures for characterisation from both light and dark noises are described. Experimental results that confirm the validity of the numerical model are provided. The paper addresses the issue of the lack of comprehensive high-level photosensor models that enable engineers to simulate realistic effects of noise on the images obtained from solid-state photosensors.

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M. Konnik and J. Welsh
Mon, 15 Dec 14

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