4C 34.47: an X-shaped radio source with a relic signature of AGN axis reorientation [GA]


We report a serendipitous discovery of a pair of relic lobes separated by 1.86 Mpc and straddling the radio-loud quasar 4C 34.47. The axis connecting them makes an appreciable angle with the axis of its well-known double-lobed radio structure. This object is thus a giant X-shaped source. We provide arguments supporting a rapid reorientation of the active galactic nucleus (AGN) axis as the only plausible scenario explaining the overall morphology of the object. Furthermore, we suggest that another flip of the AGN axis might have occurred in 4C 34.47 and the AGN axis happened to make a small angle with the line of sight after that. We assume that the second repositioning must have been relatively recent, hence the radio structure building up at the final position of the AGN axis is of milliarcsecond scale so far, while the main double, although no longer fuelled, has no signatures of decay yet.

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A. Marecki and K. Rusinek
Fri, 7 Nov 14

Comments: 4 pages, 1 figure, accepted for publication in A&A Letters