The Minimal Volkov – Akulov – Starobinsky Supergravity [CL]

We construct a supergravity model whose scalar degrees of freedom arise from a chiral superfield and are solely a scalaron and an axion that is very heavy during the inflationary phase. The model includes a second chiral superfield $X$, which is subject however to the constraint $X^2=0$ so that it describes only a Volkov – Akulov goldstino and an auxiliary field. We also construct the dual higher – derivative model, which rests on a chiral scalar curvature superfield ${\cal R}$ subject to the constraint ${\cal R}^2=0$, where the goldstino dual arises from the gauge – invariant gravitino field strength as $\gamma^{mn} {\cal D}_m \psi_n$. The final bosonic action is an $R+R^2$ theory involving an axial vector $A_m$ that only propagates a physical pseudoscalar mode.

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I. Antoniadis, E. Dudas, S. Ferrara, et. al.
Fri, 14 Mar 14