2HOT: An Improved Parallel Hashed Oct-Tree N-Body Algorithm for Cosmological Simulation [IMA]


We report on improvements made over the past two decades to our adaptive treecode N-body method (HOT). A mathematical and computational approach to the cosmological N-body problem is described, with performance and scalability measured up to 256k ($2^{18}$) processors. We present error analysis and scientific application results from a series of more than ten 69 billion ($4096^3$) particle cosmological simulations, accounting for $4 \times 10^{20}$ floating point operations. These results include the first simulations using the new constraints on the standard model of cosmology from the Planck satellite. Our simulations set a new standard for accuracy and scientific throughput, while meeting or exceeding the computational efficiency of the latest generation of hybrid TreePM N-body methods.

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Date added: Fri, 18 Oct 13